Mahhi Vij the talented actress is a loving family woman and an ever-caring mother to her daughter Tara Bhanushali. Actor and anchor Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij shower all the love and care on their little blessing, their daughter Tara.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Mahhi indulges in an exclusive conversation with, wherein she pours her heart out on how valuable Tara is for her.

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What has been your favorite moment as a mother?

There are a lot of moments that are close to my heart. But one moment I vividly remember is that we used to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mother and of course with my daughter.

We are living amid the scare of the pandemic and it is but natural that mothers tend to get extra careful of their kids. So what has this tough phase taught you as a mother?

Nobody would have ever thought of facing such a phase. I think even I was not prepared for such a thing. As a mother, this phase has taught me to live each moment and each day as it comes. I have always been very specific and careful about Tara’s food, happiness, and her cleanliness. Yes, it has taught me that whatever I am going to inculcate in her right now, will be with her in her regular way of living.

Tell us about the favorite pastime that you and Tara love to indulge in?

Our favorite pastime is dancing. We love to dance. She loves to sing also. I have always been following her; she has just started to walk and I have been on the vigil with her.

What is the basic survival instinct that you will teach your kid as a mother?

We as humans always have this habit of having a lavish life. But in this phase of the pandemic when we are just staying at home, there is nothing that involves a lavish lifestyle. So I will teach Tara to be happy living a basic lifestyle which will help her to adjust to any kind of ambiance.

How do you like to spend this Mother’s Day with your little one? 

This Mother’s Day, I would be spending the day with my mother and Tara. There will be no celebration as such, as the ambiance outside is so very disturbing these days. The news all over is so painful; people are losing their mothers, kids are losing their parents. I am hoping that everybody gets a lot of courage to live life. I do not want the Mother’s Day boom to be flashed too much this year.

Your message to all the loving mothers will be…

Live a basic life; teach your kids too to have a basic life. Teach them ethics, values; teach them to respect elders. Inculcate the attribute in them to be dependent on themselves.

Wish you and your family a very Happy Mother’s Day, Mahhi!!

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