Actress Kaveri Priyam who plays the lead in Sony SAB’s Dil Diyan Gallan is happy to be celebrating Teacher’s Day on 5 September. She remembers her teachers who instilled high values in her during her growing up days.

Says Kaveri, “Happy Teacher’s Day to all teachers. You are the future shapers. It is brilliant how you guys do it so effortlessly.”

On the golden advice given by her teacher that has been with her, Kaveri states, “I remember when I started in Standard 1 as a kid, I was not a very bright child. It was only in Std 6, when I met this teacher Mrs Arundhati Roy that I changed myself. She said, ‘Nobody is a born genius. It is absolutely okay if you are good at extra-curricular activities. Just choose your path correctly and focus on things that interest you.’ Eventually, when she said that nobody is born a genius, it made me work harder. I made sure that I put in that extra effort in subjects I was not good at. There was a time when I got good marks in 8th and 10th. It is her words and advice that come to my mind when I get bogged down in life.”

On the story that she remembers even today, Kaveri avers, “There are a lot of stories taught to us by our teachers. But the one that has stayed with me is ‘Slow and steady wins the race’. Your purpose and aim should be clear. Anything that comes easily is not worth having. Something that you have got from your hard work, dedication and constant discipline lasts forever. I follow this advice.”

On the significance of the day, the actress quips, “Teacher’s Day is a day where we make our teachers very special. I remember writing notes to each of my teachers, describing how generous and beautiful they were. I kept a rose too along with the letter. I did this in Std 8. The teachers were very happy and gave me a lot of blessings.”

On the one teacher who inspired her the most, Kaveri states, “If you talk about school, all the teachers were good. There was this very cute teacher Madhushree Sinha Ma’am, she was always smiling and happy. Every student was scared of her, as she was strict too. She was my Geography teacher. I loved her so much that I fell in love with Geography. I always got this warm vibe from her.”

“On this very day, we remember Dr. Radhakrishnan and all the teachers who have shaped the future of many kids. They are behind the scenes, but I can imagine the happiness they feel when their students do well in life. I have seen such proud faces in my life. This day should always be celebrated with the same enthusiasm because a teacher’s enthusiasm never goes down,” she adds.

On the advice that the next generation kids can get from their teachers, Kaveri avers, “A teacher is someone who is highly patient. The coming generation is extremely enthusiastic but lacks patience. They want to achieve success quickly. I think all the Gurus can teach them patience and teach them to work towards achieving goals and allow success to come to them.”

Here’s wishing all our readers a Very Happy Teacher’s Day!!