Ram Siya Ke Luv Kush’s Harshit Kabra recently shot for an underwater sequence which helped him get out of his phobia for water.

Harshit Kabra on overcoming his fear for water during Ram Siya Ke Luv Kush shoot

Harshit Kabra who essays the role of Luv in COLORS’ Ram Siya Ke Luv Kush, produced by Swastik productions has recently shot for an underwater sequence with his co-actor Krish Chauhan.

Harshit is a non- swimmer and was initially scared of shooting the underwater scene, but ultimately braved it and shot the underwater scenes with ultimate grit.

The story unfolds as Sita reveals their true identities to Luv & Kush, the two pledge to reunite their parents. On their quest, they narrate detailed chapters of Ramayan to the Ayodhya vasi’s to bring the change in  their thought process but end up facing a brunt from a few. To fight their attempt Ayodhya Vasi’s try drown them into water.

Harshit says “I am a non – swimmer and initially I was scared when I got to know that the shot needed me to perform underwater. But my team has been very supportive and made sure they do all that needs to be done, in order to help me shoot with ease. The best part is that I’ve overcome my fear of water with this special sequence. First plunge in and I was sure that I had this under control. I have come out happier and stronger after shooting for this particular sequence.”

Harshit Kabra was born in Merta City in Rajasthan, which is also his native place.

Way to go, Harshit!!


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