Hina Khan and Priyanka Chopra are two independent ladies in the industry who inspire the country and the world. Here's what Hina thinks about Priyanka Chopra and her identity

Hina Khan Spills Beans About Her Rapport With Priyanka Chopra; Check Out 810709

Hina Khan is one of the highest paid actress in the town. She has come a long way in her career. And in her journey to the top, the actress has made many small and big actor friends. Among them, one is Priyanka Chopra. And in an interview, the actress shared her rapport with the desi girl. Read more to know her opinion.

Hina Khan’s Rapport With Priyanka Chopra

In a viral clip on YouTube shared on page name @missmalinivideos she said, “Priyanka Chopra, I really like the way she picks up small small, little little things, honestly don’t wanna talk about it but just like to add a little bit to it, she is such a busy woman, an entrepreneur she is doing so many things but she sends me a text message after my father’s passing and such a long message because she understands what it is to lose a father, that was really special and heart touching.”

Further, she continued, “She has been making these gestures, i don’t talk about it because if we share a rappo, a bond or whatever you call, not that I talk to her every day and we are friends, but that’s there’s some sort of connect, and i remember in lockdown 2020 also, she is the one who started supporting small things, businesses, putting them in her stories or she used to pick up these pictures or incidents that kinda inspired her, these things touched my heart and inspires you to be like her, it’s amazing.”

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