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I am blessed to have Shrenu (Parikh) as a co star: Kunal Jaisingh

There is something magnetic about Kunal Jaisingh that makes one fall immediately in love with him.

And when he talks, you instantly realize that you are hearing words that are minced and straight from his heart – a rarity among television actors.

The Ishqbaaaz actor got chatty with IndianWikiMedia for a heartfelt conversation on his current show, journey, co-stars and more. Excerpts:

What does Ishqbaaaz mean to you?

Ishqbaaaz is everything, like my school and college. I have learnt a lot from the show. I have seen my growth more as a person than an actor. It has been a learning experience for me.

Although you have been part of the industry for a long time, Ishqbaaaz gave you the recognition. So why did Omkara connect with the audience which your other characters didn’t?

The Buddy Project was the first show which gave me recognition amongst the youth. Ishqbaaaz being such a big brand on a channel like Star Plus on a prime time slot has given me great millage, leaps and beyond. Omkara as a character is so humble, emotional, caring and understanding and yet at the same time is firm about his beliefs so I think these strong characteristics of the role has really touched a lot of hearts.

You had three leading ladies opposite you in the show, whom do you personally like working with?

I was lucky enough to have three leading ladies opposite me. I cannot differentiate as each one was bringing something great to the table in their own unique way. I had a great time shooting with all the three actresses.

There was news about Vrushika being thrown out of the show because her fans were being abusive with her presence. Don’t you think it was unfair with her? What is your take on it?

Vrushika was never thrown out of the show. It was a creative decision. The character was not shaping according to their storyline hence they decided to end it. I feel this is part and parcel of every actor’s life. It’s about the journey that an actor experience in a show. Everyone has his or her own journey and you never know which character is written for how much time, so I feel an actor should enjoy his journey to the fullest.

The show focuses on your serious side but who is the real Kunal?

Omakara is a person who is serious in life. He is emotional and also is concerned about his family. Although, in real life I am not that serious kind of a person but I am emotional too. I am a very helpful person just like Omkara.

Girls are crazy for you, so how do you feel when they show their affection?

Of course, I love it. I am enjoying the kind of love that I am receiving for my character.

If you had to switch your role with any other character of your show, who would that be?

No one, I feel Ishqbaaaz is one show which has got the perfect casting. The actors are apt for the role that they are portraying on-screen.

Tell us about your experience working with Shrenu Parikh?

Shrenu is a darling and sweetheart to work with. She is an amazing actor. There are no glitches. I am blessed to have such a wonderful co-star.

Which character of yours did you enjoy playing?

I have learnt from each of my role so I can’t pick any one. Each and every character has helped me grow as an actor.

Finally, who do you owe your success to?

I owe my life and success to my parents. They have been a strong support in my life.

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