Charrul Malik talks about her being extremely well-versed in the language of Hindi, and credits her mother for laying the foundation. Today being World Hindi Day, Charrul goes on to talk about the importance of the language.

I am well-versed in Hindi, courtesy of my mother: Charrul Malik on World Hindi Day

Actress Charrul Malik says that the Hindi language has always been special for her as her mother used to teach Hindi. Today, 10 January, is being recognized as World Hindi Day. She says that she learnt to speak Hindi well from her mother.

Says Charrul, “World Hindi Day is very close to my heart because my mother was a Hindi professor and because of her I have learnt to speak in proper Hindi. All of that made me have a successful career as a news anchor. In today’s era, there are very few who can speak proper Hindi. And those who speak with fewer grammatical mistakes, proper choice of words, correct pronunciation and communication in Hindi are quite less. I think I find myself in those rarest of rare cases. We never needed to go for Hindi tuition, our mother made us capable of adapting Hindi language. I have learnt English also simultaneously and I am thankful that I could give my career a better shape.”

Talking about Hindi literature, she says, “When I was young, I used to read all kinds of Hindi books. I used to read the books of 10th standard while studying in 8th standard, especially Hindi books. I have achieved many awards for my handwriting in Hindi. I even used to read newspapers in Hindi during our school assembly. I have received first prize in Hindi poems and debates. My home in Chandigarh is full of trophies. So somewhere my capacity to speak Hindi fluently has helped me gain these awards. I used to write on board in Hindi language and my teacher used to appreciate my handwriting. All the credit goes to my mom. Even my sister Parul has good handwriting.”

She adds, “I am not really into Hindi literature now, but yes, I do keep myself updated about whatever is happening in the Hindi world. But when it comes to literature, I feel it needs you to be an expert in that field and my mother was that person who had the experience required.”

Talking about how she was brought up, she says, “I think my mother has impacted me a lot and we have learnt everything from her. There’s no other language than Hindi that would make you a better person. And you must be proud of it. I have read Madhushala by Harivansh Rai Bachchan ji.”

Happy World Hindi Day to all!!