Actress Drishti Thakur who was recently seen playing the role of the negative lead in Star Plus’ Faltu gets into a frank and honest conversation with She is also famous for her portrayal of Juhi Rajput in Colors’ show Namak Issk Ka.

She takes our Rapid Fire questions with all gusto.

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The superpower you want to have:

If I could choose any superpower, I think I would pick flying. I would enjoy how free I would feel, knowing that I would have the ability to go almost anywhere. Also, I would love to see the world from a new perspective

Film character you are similar to in real life:

Rani from the Queen movie

The kind of inspiration you crave for:

The inspiration that doesn’t let me lose focus on my dreams

Tell us a joke:

Can’t it be funnier than this when someone made a joke and someone said this, Hasna tha?

If you are looking for a quote that will inspire you for a new day, what will it be:

Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.

Your favorite sanitizer brand:


Something you are really attracted to during lockdown:

I really enjoyed my family time:

What kind of books you like to read:

Inspirational books

If you turn a painter for a day, what will you draw that signifies your life:

A family portrait in which I am holding an Oscar.

The kind of hairdo you love the most: