Actor Harsh Rajput dons the sinister villain’s role of Rumi in Star Plus’ Teri Meri Doriyaann. The talented actor is playing his layered role of a psycho-lover very well and is being appreciated for his portrayal.

In a candid chat with, Harsh gets into an exclusive conversation with over his role and much more.

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Is Rumi the most intense character that you have played till now? Explain.

Yes, this is the most intense character that I have played. Earlier, I played Bittu, in Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke, who was a mentally challenged character. But yes, playing Rumi is very difficult. I have not done anything like this before. It is a layered character and has a lot of nuances to it. I am a very positive person in life. So to play and portray such a character, you need to have that conflicted mind. I am working hard to get the nuances right.

What prompted you to play the anti-hero this time?

As I said, I have not done such a role earlier. When I heard the narrative, I found it to be very interesting. Rumi started as a naive, undertoned character and quickly transformed into a confident, sinister villain. This prompted me to play this character.

How was your preparation for Rumi like?

I did not have time for all the preparation. I was holidaying in Goa when I got offered the role. When I got the script, I made a character sketch about Rumi. I had to bring about the nuances of this under-confident guy Rumi all the time. He had a connection with his dead mother, and I prepared for the scenes where he conversed with his mother. I wanted people to love this person who was the villain. I wanted this anti-hero to be very likeable.

You have a very interesting look when you adorn spectacles. Have you realized that?

Thank you so much for liking my look. When I put my spectacles on, I feel that I am Rumi. Yes, I have realized that it looks good in this look.

How is it to come in mid-way into a show that is doing well? How did you address your concerns?

I have never thought about entering a show mid-way. I listen to the story and if I feel it is challenging, I accept the project. The show was doing well, and when I got this interesting character, there was no major thought given to entering this show mid-way.

How is it to shoot with the cast of Teri Meri Doriyaann?

They all are really good. I never felt that I entered in between. All are so warm on the set. Even though I know Vijayendra, this is the first time I am working with him. Himanshi and Vijayendra are genuine people. It is fun to be around them and work with them.

What is the kind of response that you are getting?

The response to Rumi is very good. I am getting a lot of traction on social media about people loving as well as hating my role. The work has been appreciated on the whole and this is the best part about playing Rumi.

Are you being subjected to hate messages too? Explain.

When you enter a show as a person who wants to separate the main Jodi, the fan clubs usually do not like it. Having said it all, these hate messages are proof enough that one is doing his job well. It is indicative of the fact that they like the work. Their anger and hatred are a compliment to me. Frankly speaking, I have not gotten as many hate messages for Rumi. I am happy that people are appreciating the character.

What can viewers look forward to in the next phase of the Rumi track?

It is an interesting phase overall where Rumi will do a lot of things to claim Sahiba for himself. You need to watch.

What are your expectations from this role?

Frankly speaking, my expectations are fulfilled with this character. I am looking forward to more drama and challenge. It is supposed to be a cameo role. So let us see what I can do till the role exists. I expect to do crazier scenes as Rumi.