Talented actor Manit Joura, who rose to fame with his role of Rishabh in Kundali Bhagya, has joined the cast of Zee TV’s Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan post leap. He is seen playing the role of Radhika’s (Neeharika Roy) husband, Yug. He is a businessman who owns and runs a media house. An ideal husband, son and brother, Yug is everything that a woman would want in her perfect man. In an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz.com, Manit talks about his role, new twists and more.

What attracted you to join the cast of Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan at this juncture of the storyline?

This is my fourth show with Zee TV. Not only Radha Mohan, but in any show, the first thing that attracts me is either the character or the storyline. I believe the actor should be madly in love with his character and storyline, otherwise, he can never do justice to the role. Commercial aspects like screen space, fame, or a famous show are just decorative. They are the ornaments of a project. When I start any project, I don’t think about what I am getting out of it. I think about what am I giving to the character or the show. I am a greedy actor; I want material for performance. Money cannot hold me for long. My happiness comes from doing good work, giving my best.

Your character in the show is set to bring new twists. How excited are you for the audiences to watch?

I am more excited about how I am going to perform the character. The slight nervousness of bringing out something new is always there, which should never go because this keeps you on your toes. I never want to be comfortable in any character. This is why an actor is called an artist because he is constantly creating and painting. The TV format is very different. You don’t know the character’s trajectory and end. You just get a rough sketch of your character in the beginning and you have to paint it with your portrayal. I am excited to see how I will portray the role and how well the character will shape up.

It is always believed that if you enter a show mid-way, it is hard to make a place in the audience’s hearts. Do you believe in this? What extra are you doing to win the audience’s love for your role in the show?

The irony of life is that no one can take a place in someone’s heart. This is the space which is given. I want to work extremely hard and diligently by surrendering to my character and doing justice to it. I believe if you do your work honestly, you are bound to be liked. Also, I want to mention, I never want to take the pressure of being likable or validated.

What is more important for you as an actor, character graph or screen space?

I never stress over screen space. As an actor, all the scenes cannot be written around or for you. There are going to be some scenes in which you will be seen less. I am never worried about screen space. I believe character graph you yourself make on TV. If I perform a good scene today, tomorrow there would be more scenes written for me. We don’t have character graph; it’s how you perform that determines it. For me, the most important thing is that the scenes should be well-written, challenging, and entertaining, making me a little uncomfortable. I like scenes that demand performance and move me.

Any final message?

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