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The dancer cum actors gets chatty…

I prefer assignments which push the actor within: Kunwar Amar

Dancer cum actor Kunwar Amar, last seen in Star Plus Naamkaran, is busy doing workshops and theater to further spruce up his histrionic abilities.

For the moment he is keeping shy of daily dramas, “I prefer assignments which push the actor within. But yes, I am open to other kinds of TV  genres and films as well  ” says Kunwar, who was first noticed as an actor during his four years long stint in Dil Dostii  Dance (Channel V).

Kunwar, who had taken part in reality show such as Dance India Dance (DID) 2 and Nach Baliye 5 would love to take up the reality show game but as a judge or mentor.”However, I would not want to be the latter who is lost in a crowd. It has to be different.”

So do relationships play an important role in grabbing such plum assignments? “Yes, they do but unlike Bollywood where only family names count, in reality shows talent also help one to get ahead.”

Now shifting gears to reality show contestants he says, “Not only the winners, the top  5/10 get noticed,  like in my case,  it was not only DID title holder Shakti Mohan, we all  finalists (Dharmesh Yelande, Punit Pathak and me) have got good work over the years . I got D3 at the back of DID 2.”

He further adds, “Reality format has changed the game for us dancers, earlier we would be insulted. Today, if you can make it to a reality show you are known by your own name. The next challenge is to leverage that name by doing something out of the box and staying on in the arc lights.”

In closing, Kunwar has one big grouse again the TV industry, “They just don’t want to pay for good talent. You are still offered what you got earlier, no premium for growth. This shortage of talent is being bridged by roping in rank newcomers.  As a result of which while we don’t have a dearth of actors, how many of them are remembered? I am glad that I am still remembered for my D3 efforts.”

We wish him all the luck and success.

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