Versatile actress Paridhi Sharma has always chosen the best of roles where she has revelled as a performer. She has been part of some challenging roles in her career that includes shows Tere Mere Sapne, Jodhaa Akbar, Patiala Babes, Jag Janani Maa Vaishno Devi, Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei etc. Paridhi feels that lady luck is equally important for a sustained journey in the industry along with hard work.

Says Paridhi, “I wish I could always be lucky, but the fact is that you can only be lucky when you work hard to achieve it. Therefore, one doesn’t have any control over luck. If it’s present, it will work for you; if it’s not, it won’t work for you. The only thing within your control is to work hard to achieve what you want in your life. So, yes, I would prioritise hard work over luck,” she says.

“The first time I realised I was successful was when people began asking for autographs and photographs. It was at that moment that I realized, “Oh, people recognise me, and they make me feel truly special, “Paridhi states thinking of that glorious moment when it all started.

She adds, “Success, for me, means being in a position where I can inspire people through my thoughts, actions, words, and behaviour in any form. If I can inspire those around me, I consider myself successful.”

Paridhi however, reiterates the fact that one should not get carried away with the success got. She feels the importance of staying grounded even when successful. “I believe that all those individuals who have worked extremely hard to achieve success in their lives are truly remarkable. From what I have observed, success has never caused them to become arrogant or lose sight of their values. Take, for example, the phenomenal examples of MS Dhoni, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajnikanth Ji, and many others like them. Even with their immense success, they remain incredibly humble. I consider these individuals to be successful, and their journeys are highly inspiring.”

Well said, Paridhi!!