Debutant Yesha Rughani talks about her new start in TV industry with Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre. 

I think Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre is a very good start for me in this industry: Yesha Rughani 

Bubbly and soft spoken Yesha Rughani, who is making her small screen debut with Zee TV’s Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre, is glad to be a part of the show. The actress will be the female lead opposite the handsome hunk Krrip Kapur Suri in the upcoming drama.

In a candid chit-chat with IndianWikiMedia, Yesha talks about her character, life and much more.

Talking about her character she shared, “Devi Chauhan is a family oriented person. Her motto in life is to never give up. She never steps back in life whatever may be the situation. She is emotionally very strong but when it comes to her family she is emotionally dependent on them. She is today’s girl with yesterday’s values. The story is about how she fights all challenges and comes as a winner. Her only weak point is her family. She can do anything for them. I see Yesha in Devi.”

When asked why she selected this role as her debut, she averred, “I think whatever comes my way, I should acknowledge it. This is a very big thing for me. I am coming across a lot of new things in life. I am taking it as it comes. I think it is a very good start for me. Hopefully things will become bigger and better in future.”

Yesha believes that universe wanted her to do the show and that is how she is doing it. “This show happened by choice and by chance. I am not from Mumbai but from Gujarat. I studied in Pune and did designing. I was part of few school level theatre activities. During my childhood, I wanted to be an actress. I was very melodramatic. The universe brought this to me. In my first audition, I got selected for it. My parents have also supported me as they are the best parents in the world. I am the only child and very pampered too.”

Yesha elaborated more about the concept and said, “I feel it is all about your thoughts. Nowadays, people give up on things and relationships. However, Devi is a modern girl who is educated but wants to stick to her roots and fight for herself. She is not getting married to him to just change him. She is doing it for her family and fighting for her own life. She is not changing his life but her life. We have shown that Devi is a modern girl who is studying in a metropolitan city. It doesn’t matter how and where you are. You can be in a certain situation anywhere. The place doesn’t matter.”

The debutant is not an avid TV watcher. “I don’t watch TV and movies. I am not an entertainment oriented person. So I am not the right person to judge the content of any TV show. Acting came up very suddenly to me. I don’t have any person as my inspiration because my journey is my inspiration.”

When quizzed about playing a naagin on-screen, she quipped, “I never thought about this. Unexpected things are happening with me but may be. It is a long way to go.”

On an end note she spoke about her co-star and team, “Krrip is a very supportive co-star. Everybody is helping and teaching me. My producers who have given birth to my character and brought me to this industry are too very sweet. They are like my parents.”

Good luck girl!

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