Actress Pariva Pranati who plays the lead in Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya is a ‘green warrior’ and wants to do something to save the greenery of the country. As Indian celebrated its 77th year of Independence yesterday, Pariva talks about her insights on how she wants to serve her Nation and much more.

Read on.

What does independence mean to you?

Independence for me is the independence of thought, independence of making decisions, independence from whatever holds us back from growing and learning and improving, where a set norm is not followed or where your thoughts are not instigated by others’ opinions… and your decisions about you are accepted without hindrances.

Your wish for the country on Independence Day

I wish Indians start loving their country as they love their homes, keep our country clean and take care of it. I wish for the people of our country to value this Nation more than corruption and malpractices that impacts the greatness and growth of this beautiful nation.

What is the freedom struggle of a hero that is in your memory?

There are so many who sacrificed so much… of all somehow I always get impacted the most by the story of Bhagat Singh… whose love for the Nation at his young age is unmatchable.

Your favourite film on independence and patriotism

I really liked Rang De Basanti as I am a defence officer’s daughter… I also liked Haqeeqat which starred Dharmendra ji, and Border, Lakshya, Swades

Your favourite song which describes our country

Oh there are many… Roja song “bharat humko jaan se pyaara hai”. A R Rahman song – Maa tujhe salaam… and many more but yes one song that gives me goosebumps every time I hear it is “Ae mere watan ke logon” in the soulful voice of Lata ji.

You love India because…

Because India is a country that brings so many cultures together. There’s an inherent essence of love and peace in its soi, the vibe of my Nation is so vibrant and I love the fact that our Nation is referred to as our mother. Bharat Mata … I truly feel this emotion.

What do you wish to do for your country?

I just feel as Indians we should value our Nation more. I want to bring about a positive change where people keep our Nation clean. I hate it when I see people littering and spitting and breaking rules. I wish I could do something about corruption, it truly hinders the growth of our Nation to its true potential. I also want to do something to keep the green cover, as in the forests of our country safe. There’s so much that I can just go on.