Sheen Dass talks about her new show Indiawaali Maa

I would like to be as confident as Chinamma: Sheen Dass on Indiawaali Maa

Actress Sheen Dass, who will be playing the role of Chinamma in Sony TV’s latest offering Indiawaali Maa, has given her blood and sweat for this role.

The actress says, “This girl is US return and belongs to a rich family. I have tried to learn the body language of being a rich person. Chinamma belongs to a staunch Kannada family hence I took up many language training workshops and rigorous diction training for her lingo and accent as a proper Kannada girl in the show to maintain the authenticity of a true blue Kannada family. I would like to be as confident as Chinamma in my life. She is very practical in life still she is emotional. However, she won’t express her weaknesses in front of anyone. Chinamma has not seen motherly love in her life so she will experience that via Kaku hence Chinamma and Kaku’s bond will be very interesting.”

Talking about bagging the role, she shares, “When Akshay got locked for the show, he shared with me and told me about the concept of it, I told him that it is indeed a great opportunity to be associated with a show which gives tribute to Indian mothers. I gave an audition not expecting anything and it was a surprise for me that they selected me. I am glad to be part of the show.”

She continues, “The USP of Indiawaali Maa is that it is relatable. Every person will connect with this show. After watching this show even if one kid or child calls her mother and shows gratitude towards her then we will feel that we have achieved a big milestone.”

Sheen shares a lovely bond with her mother in real life: She adds, “My mother is my friend. My mother says that there is a generation gap between her age people and us because we have come way forward in the digital world. It is difficult for them to cope up with it.”

How does it feel working again with Akshay Mhatre? “Akshay and I were very comfortable. The challenge for both of us is that Pooja and Naren from Piya Albela are the opposite of Rohan and Chinamma from Indiawaali Maa. Now, the challenge is that we have to break that image that audiences have of us as Pooja and Naren. We want them to accept as Rohan and Chinamma. We both are working on it as we want to do justice with the characters,” ends Sheen.

Good luck girl!

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