Actor Adnan Khan who is presently seen giving a towering portrayal as the lead in Sony TV’s Kathaa Ankahee, is happy that a day is marked for the teachers who spread knowledge to children and instil values in them that can take them ahead in life. Teacher’s Day was celebrated yesterday (5 September), and we have Adnan Khan, taking time out from his hectic shoot schedule, talking to us about his happy memories of his teachers.

We ask Adnan for the advice given by a teacher that has stayed with him, and he states, “It was not advice. There was this compliment given to me by my English teacher. He said that I have a talent, the gift of speaking. This gave me the confidence to do well academically. I was an average student and was good at sports. But the fact that I could speak well, and had a good command of the English language, helped me to believe in myself. That has turned into confidence, which has opened up many doors for me.”

Ask him about any stories that he remembers from his childhood, said by teachers, and he avers with a laugh on his face, “There was this teacher, who had marks on his face. I would not give you the nickname we had for him. Boys are boys, and come up with the weirdest of names. Every time we used to ask him about these marks, he used to say about how he jumped into a volcano to save a life. The stories used to change every time, and he also said once about being caught in a building that was on fire. Those were funny stories.”

Adnan considers his dear friend as his Guru. He says, “I would like to give the honour of being a Guru to my dear friend, Manish Dimri. A Guru is someone who stays with you over a period of time. Manish is my close friend, but when it comes to acting, he is my Guru. Over these past nine years, he has always helped me, corrected me, and given me advice. So I would like to name him.”

On the significance of Teacher’s Day, Adnan states, “It is a good day to remember the efforts teachers put in their students and the impact a good teacher can have on his/her student. So a day to celebrate and honour teachers is very important.”

Way to go, Adnan!!