Versatile actor Ssudeep Sahir who is known for his outstanding portrayals in shows Woh Apna Sa, Paramavatar Shri Krishna, Tera Yaar Hoon Main etc, feels that adulation and judgement go hand-in-hand in the industry.

Like a coin has two sides to it, every celebrity needs to face their share of love as well as criticism.

Says Ssudeep, “Our profession is by the public for the public, so one cannot run away from the public scrutiny. How one deals with it is a separate question. If we accept the adulation, we have to be prepared for being judged too.”

Talking about himself and how he handles his lifestyle and the pressures, Ssudeep explains, “I keep my professional and personal life separate. I don’t bring my work home. Once I leave the set, I leave the stress of work there and similarly I don’t carry my personal issues to the set. I feel it’s important to stay slightly disconnected. One needs to know how much is constructive criticism and how much is unnecessary.”

“Healthy mind is a happy mind. Once the person is happy with the output, both personal and professional lives will be better irrespective of the pace,” he adds.

Ssudeep listens to his intuition and gut sometimes to decide whether someone can be trusted professionally or not. “I also discuss with my wife and see what she feels. But most of the time my inner voice guides me in the right direction. Still, if someone breaks my trust, I take it with a pinch of salt and think of it as a learning experience. Fortunately, I have been treated very well here and haven’t had any bad experiences yet and I hope this continues,” he signs off.