Rakshanda Khan the evil Sumitra of Colors’ Naagin 3 gets into an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz.com.

It is incredible to be part of a show which has not been dethroned for more than a week since it has gone on air: Rakshanda Khan

Talented artiste Rakshanda Khan is playing her extremely negative character of Sumitra in Colors’ super-successful show Naagin 3 with elan!!

Rakshanda has had a flourishing career with vast body of work on television which includes Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kasamh Se, Kitani Mohabbat Hai, Phulwa, Bade Achche Laggte Hai, Brahmarakshas etc.

Says Rakshanda, “When I took up the role of Mohini in Brahmarakshas, I felt that I had taken up something which was really negative. But now, I feel like Sumita is the Head Mistress in the school where Mohini was in the Kindergarten (smiles). There is just no stopping her. She just goes to any level she wants. Everytime I feel that she has reached the zenith of whatever bad can be done, there is something which is more evil that gets cooked up. This is by far the most bad-ass character that can be played by an actor.”

What makes Sumitra even more effective as the main negative in Naagin 3 stems from the fact that as Sumi, she was 180 degree opposite of what she is now, is what Rakshanda feels. “She was extremely meek, docile. She was someone who did not even know to raise her voice even for herself. From a person who used to get crushed under everyone’s thumb to being one huge monster, Sumitra has come a long way.”

Ask her about the manner in which she prepped for this big transition and she states, “Thankfully, this narration was given to me from day one. This is where they wanted to take Sumitra and that is why we made sure Sumi is kept very docile. When suddenly they showed Sumitra to be so evil, it was fun. As an actor, it is fun playing with so many ranges of emotions. I have always received lot of inputs from the creative team and director. At times, actors want to play a sequence in a particular manner but the director would have envisioned it differently. Eventually what turns out is the amalgamation of everyone’s vision put together, which is carried out by the actor.”

Rakshanda has done various negative characters earlier. But she terms this Naagin character to be different. “My negative characters in my earlier shows had a strong emotional reason for what they were. But in Naagin, Sumitra has nothing else but to satisfy her greed. This is the reason why I cannot pull things out of my reservoir as a person which I could for my earlier characters. But over here, she is greedy to the extent that she does not consider any form of bond to be more important for her in life. What is important is her vision and anyone that comes in her way is not important.”

On the success of Naagin 3, Rakshanda expresses her gratitude saying, “It is incredible to be part of a show which has not been dethroned for more than a week since it has gone on air. We have always been up there, and made sure that no show has come dangerously close to Naagin.”

Rakshanda is overwhelmed when she gets messages of people hating her character. “It is pretty much a battle won. If you have managed to do what you have set out to do, then it means you are doing good in the role. I thank all the loyal watchers of Naagin 3 for liking the show.”

Continue your great job, Rakshanda!!

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