Indian TV show concepts are held back by ratings: Sangeeta Ghosh

In conversation with super talented Sangeeta Ghosh

Indian TV show concepts are held back by ratings: Sangeeta Ghosh

Talented actor Sangeeta Ghosh, who has just entered Star Plus  show Rishton Ka Chakravyuh as a negative character, is quite upbeat about the show.

“I have just shot five days and for the moment I am back home in  Jaipur and will soon return to go full steam.  For the moment I have not shot with the entire cast but with just a few of them,” says the lovely lady in a chat with

Talking about trying a different genre, Sangeeta shares, “Playing a vamp is tough and yet fun. You can add a lot of shades to the character.”

So is she afraid that she might carry the negative tendencies back home? “Not really, I am a professional actor who knows when to switch on and switch off. Having said that being new to the genre (use of language and mannerism), I am not comfortable with the lines so keep looking to the creative team for guidance.”

Fair enough!!!

What does she feel about the show in totality? “While I will not claim that it is different, but yes, we have strongly written plot,  each and every character is there for a  reason.  They are just not there to fill the canvas and last but not the least we have seasoned actors  in the cast who raise the level of output. One other plus point of our show is that we focus more on content rather than production values . The Lucknow bit was good at it set up the show but the emphasis was always on the story.”

Furthermore, Sangeeta, who has been in TV space for years together for years (Daraar, Des Mein Niklla Hoga Chand and Parvarrish – Season 2) says television content always goes through cyclic changes, sometimes it evolves and at other times it does not.

“But here I would like to wish add that not all international shows we go ga ga about about are good, some are quite pathetic as well. As of now desi content is held back by ratings, the main mantra behind making a show today is not content but how long it can run. You can’t blame the channels alone for this situation as ultimately they are here for business.”

In closing, we ask her about what she feels about the gen next of actors. “While I will not want to comment on their negative factors,  agreed some are unprofessional but those you will find in all generations.  As far as I am concerned, they are too good, they come prepared and know exactly what is expected of them.  Rather than preaching to them, we should a learn  a thing or two from them.”

Well said and wish Sangeeta a great stint in Chakravyuh.

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