Hina Khan is currently enjoying a luxe trip to Mauritius. The actress has been constantly sharing photos and videos from the place giving us pure goals. Check out below

Inside Hina Khan’s cosy Mauritius trip [Photodump] Credit: Hina Khan Instagram

Hina Khan, the actress, recently went on a fun trip to Mauritius, and she shared some awesome moments from her sightseeing. Imagine walking down the beautiful streets and exploring the cool spots on the island!

Looking Stylish in Black and White

Guess what? Hina Khan showed off her fashion sense during her trip. She wore a super cool black and white outfit – a flowery black and white sweatshirt with matching comfy pants. It’s the kind of outfit that makes you look good and feel cozy at the same time. To top it off, Hina added some stylish accessories to her look. She wore a cool black sun cap to stay shaded from the sun, and her black and white sneakers matched her outfit perfectly. It’s all about those little details that make an outfit stand out!

Chilling under Colourful Umbrellas in Port Louis Town

The most exciting part? Hina had a special moment in Port Louis Town. She found these colourful umbrellas and couldn’t resist snapping a picture under them. She even shared it on social media, saying how life is better under those vibrant umbrellas. Sounds like she had a blast! Check out the photos below

Inside Hina Khan’s cosy Mauritius trip [Photodump] 872728

Inside Hina Khan’s cosy Mauritius trip [Photodump] 872730

Hina Khan’s trip to Mauritius looked like a mix of fun and style. From exploring the pretty streets to enjoying the iconic Port Louis Town, she made it all look so cool. It’s not just a travel diary; it’s also giving us some cool fashion ideas!