Candid chat with Simran Pareenja

My instinct says that Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein will work: Simran Pareenja

Simran Pareenja, who is known for her role of Bhoomi in Bhagyalaxmi and Kaali in Kaala Teeka, will soon be back on the screen.

The actress will be playing the female protagonist in Sony Entertainment Television’s ‘Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein’.

The series has already created quite an excitement in tinsel town for its unique concept where the story revolves around the innocent and beautiful love saga of a hearing-impaired boy, Yogi.

Talking about her character and the show, she shares, “I play the character of a typical Delhi girl. She is introvert because she has a past that has made her low on confidence. She is an obedient girl and listens to her parents. I am grateful to God that I got to play the female lead of the show. I did Kaala Teeka and Bhagyalaxmi but they were typical bahus who kept crying. My character here is very natural and real.”

She further adds, “The show is relatable and light-hearted. It doesn’t give sympathy to the boy who has a disability. Instead, it is a humorous take on the same. The best part is that it is an out of the box concept. We have a great ensemble. I am truly blessed and gratified. This show is not only about the hero and heroine. It is about the entire team collectively. We all have an integral part in the show. You never know what will work on TV and what won’t. We are trying something new and we hope the audience loves it. We have the best writers on board, so my instinct says our show will work.”

Simran has a cousin who has a speaking disability. Sharing about the same, she says, “In real life, I have a cousin who can’t speak but she can hear. However, she was mentally weak too. But she used to understand everything and we would also behave normally with her. Now, when we were on a workshop for the show, our teacher there also had a hearing problem. Yet he could understand everything we said by reading our lips. I also learnt the sign language along with the entire cast.”

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