Mughda Chapekar is a loving bahu of Indian Television. Know about these unknown facts about the diva

Mughda Chapekar currently known as Prachi from the serial Kumkum Bhagya has become a household name in Indian audience. Mughda Chapekar molded herself as a typical ‘Bahu’ and set an example for the ideal daughter in law. Her character is getting so much praise. And undoubtedly you want to know more and more about Mughda Chapekar in real life. Here check out some of her unknown facts.

1) Mughda Chapekar made her debut at the very young age of 8 in the film Aazmayish which was released back in 1995. And after her debut, it took a decade to appear on the screen

2) The Kumkum Bhagya actress studied English. Mughda was always a child who loved learning. And so she attended the D.G Ruparel College to get a bachelor’s degree in English. And later she earned a master’s degree in history. Though people think that these subjects aren’t related to showbiz but in real it is connected in a different way.

3) Mughda Chapekar is very great full for the love and fame she receives from her fans and in an interview, she mentioned saying, “I would take another nice and sweet opportunity to thank them because they have supported me throughout whatever characters that I chose to play. They had faith in me that I’ll be able to pull it off. It’s very important because at the same time if you don’t get encouragement and support from your followers I don’t think anybody can be in that spirit and work. My fans have really been my support system right from my first show.”

4) Being an active user of Instagram she has a massive fan following on her account. Users like to see her pictures and reel videos. Her popularity attracted many brands to promote their products. And so many companies have approached her. Also, she is a brand ambassador for many companies including Mother Sparsh.

5) Mughda Chapekar is like everyone one of us in terms of liking the American TV show Friends. Mentioning the same she said, “I think that would be Rachel from Friends because that is my ultimate favourite show and honestly speaking I do not follow Hindi television shows for that matter. I follow my own shows for sure because one has to keep the track. I am rather a very English series person.”

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