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Anupam Bhattacharya who replaced Vinay Jain in Zee TV show, Ishq Subhan Allah talks about the show and more...

Ishq Subhan Allah fans feel cheated with Eisha Singh’s absence: Anupam Bhattacharya  

Veteran actor Anupam Bhattacharya, who replaced Vinay Jain in Zee TV show, Ishq Subhan Allah, attributes the low ratings, post the one-year leap, to fan anger over the exit of popular lead actress Eisha Singh.

“Talking to fans on Insta, I have gathered that they feel betrayed with Eisha’s absence in Season 2 (she quit wanting to do films). They feel that makers have not respected their time and efforts devoted to the show. No wonder ratings have dropped.”

“However, fans need to understand that change is inevitable and sometimes, things are beyond control of all concerned. All we can do is to request one more chance. We all are working hard to win their love and trust all over again. I am sure, with time they will appreciate the new cast and story as well.”

Coming to his powerful negative character Shahbaz Ahmed, Anupam says, “I have tried to play him differently than the actor before me. While he tried to be larger than life, I am essaying him as a more normal, ambitious guy, who will do what it takes to fulfil his political ambitions.”

Anupam, who has returned to TV after a long break (last seen in Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev back in 2014), says, “I am enjoying working with male lead Adnan Khan, for unlike most TV actors, who are only bothered with their cues, is ready to meet me half way, allowing genuine give and take during scenes, thereby raising the bar.”

“Further, Adhan, understanding the huge faults in TV scripting (due to time issues) works on his lines every day on set to better plot his character.”

“I have no qualms in admitting that today is a shadow of its glorious past. I started when we had great shows like Koshish, Kalash, Kartavya. Back then, stories and screenplays were well etched out. Today, everything is down to money and TRP. One of the main reasons for coming back was that I need to keep working.”

“Having said that, finally, my desire to make a mark on the big screen is also coming true, with a powerful cop character in upcoming whodunit, The Body, also starring Rishi Kapoor. I was also part of Netflix’s recent dystopian show, Leila,” ends he.

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