Navratri is a festival of colourful costumes, flavours, rituals, and joy. TV actors too celebrate this festival in full swing. With Navratri season on, Pariva Pranati who plays Vandana Wagle in Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya is also in a festive mood.

Talking about the festival and her memories attached to it, she said, “During Navratri, I love how Mumbai is completely adorned out in lights! My family members practice fasting and participate in poojas during this time of year. Given the vibrancy of the city during Navaratri, I feel we get blessed in some way every day. Besides that, Garba and Dandiya brighten up the atmosphere. It makes me extremely happy when my son is able to take part in such splendid celebrations. On Navaratri, my parents, grandmother, and most family members fast. I think in some ways this is empowering because you learn to control and master your own cravings. This Navaratri, we’ll most likely be shooting but the crew is planning to take part in some festival, so we look forward to that!”

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