Talented and beautiful Shiny Dixit is elated at the response her Zee TV show Zindagi Ki Mehek is garnering and she feels the key to success is the ‘fresh casting and story.’

Shiny, who has earlier been part of shows like Jodha Akbar and Lajwant says her character in Mehek christened Nehal has given her an opportunity to go beyond her bubbly girl image.

“The role is peppy with strong grey shades, making it poignant and different. She hits on the guy Mehek (Samiksha  Jaiswal) was originally supposed to get married to.  Yet she loves her sister, is this not how normal sibling equations work?  The love story, brother-sister fight saga and the way the bhabhi supports the sister in law is crafted in such a way that it not only targets generation next but also folks like my parents as well,” says Shiny to Indianwikimedia.

Shiny has great equations with both the main leads i.e. Samiksha and Karan Vohra. “We are good friends.  Karan is like my elder brother on the show, he is my jiju (character name Shaurya) who saves Nehal from committing suicide. In real life I really pull his leg a lot.” Shiny is friendly with Karan’s better half Bella Vohra as well.

The fact that  Nehal and Mohit (Anubhav Jain) got the best brother sister Jodi award at the recent  Zee Risthey awards , has made Shiny  feel that all the hard work they have putting  in has been vindicated.

“Getting recognized within two years of entering TV land is a high, for many other talented artists have been toiling away unsung for years. I am now ready to work a tad harder,” she ends.

Wish you all the best, Shiny.