Check out Kartik, Kiara and Sara battling it out to be the hottest Bollywood pair

Kartik-Kiara vs Kartik-Sara : Which Jodi Looks The Hottest Together?

With the new crop of actors that Bollywood has witnessed rising in the last few years, audiences were also introduced to new pairings that seem to gain popularity at the box office.

Yes, we will always have a special place in our hearts for some of Bollywood’s top classic jodis but its about time we make space for fresh faces that will hopefully bring in equally great magic together on the big screens.

Right now we are talking about young sensations Kartik Aaryan, Sara Ali Khan and Kiara Advani. Being the hot commodity that he is right now, Kartik is has secured a leading role opposite both Sara and Kiara for each of their respective projects.

Kartik and Sara first started making headlines when they rumored to be dating which caused quite a stir among their fans. They instantly became Internet’s hot new couple with a set of hardcore fans that ship them. Soon, the two will be seen together in their upcoming venture Love Aaj Kal 2. This news was enough to send the fans in a tizzy and eagerly looking forward to seeing the couple romancing on screen.

Kartik-Kiara vs Kartik-Sara : Which Jodi Looks The Hottest Together? 1

While on the other hand, Kartik and Kiara also have a movie titled Bhool Bhulaiya 2. The two will be seen opposite each other in the film.

Kartik-Kiara vs Kartik-Sara : Which Jodi Looks The Hottest Together? 2

It’s true that haven’t seen any of these pairs together on the big screen yet but as evidenced by the many pictures of the two pairings, we think its safe to say both these jodis look attractive together and their chemistry will be equally fascinating to watch.

Kartik and Sara or Kartik and Kiara, there’s no doubt that both of these couples are hot together and will surely make quite a pretty pair.

Who do you choose as your favorite jodi?

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