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Deepika Singh lead of Colors’ supernatural show Kawach Mahashivratri gets into a conversation with IWMBuzz.com.

Kawach Mahashivratri deserves good ratings: Deepika Singh

Deepika Singh who entertained her viewers as the lead girl of Diya aur Baati Hum is back in a very new avatar in Colors’ supernatural offering Kawach Mahashivratri produced by Balaji Telefilms.

She essays the role of Sandhya again, after she had the same on-screen name in the above-mentioned show.

However, the Sandhya here is very different from what she portrayed earlier, considering the setup of the show and story line.

Deepika Singh recently got into an exclusive converstion with IWMBuzz.com over the show’s recent good opening rating, on her role, her balancing act of being mother and actor and much more.

Says Deepika, “Kawach Mahashivratri opening ratings really boosted us up. Having said this, we expected bit more. But a TVR of 2.2 is really good. I owe a big thank you to all my fans for accepting me in this new character. Also, I am humbled, for Balaji Telefilms choosing me for this pivotal role.”

“The whole team of Kawach Mahashivratri is working very hard to make the show successful. In the coming time, we will get more TVR too. The script is really nice, and episodes are pacey and interesting. I love to watch my show and see to it that I watch every episode. Kawach Mahashivratri deserves good ratings,” she adds.

Ask her what prompted her to take up the role and she states, “The script was very clear. The thrill and suspense element in the story was an added bonus. Also, the most important thing after the script is the fact that I get to dance in the show.”

On whether the supernatural genre attracts more audiences these days, Deepika avers, “No doubt that the supernatural genre seems to be working really well. But it is not only supernatural; every show with a good story line works.”

On the best aspect in Sandhya, Deepika shares, “Sandhya is a normal, simple Marathi girl who is happy to be spreading love to her family. She gets dragged into situations that disturb her. I love every aspect of playing Sandhya. She is a pure-hearted girl. The fact that Shivji appears before her indicates to her having a divine connection.”

Deepika shares that she has found a good friend and co-actor in Namik Paul.

On juggling between work, her home and kid Deepika explains, “I will say that it is not that difficult, at the same time, not that easy too to juggle between all these responsibilities. However, we live in a joint family, and everyone is so caring and affectionate. My mother-in-law takes real good care of my kid. Soham is now 2 years old and has started going to school from February. Whenever I am with him, I tell him about the importance of both the father and mother to be working. When I am with him, I give him all the time. We eat together, play together and even do yoga together. I go to work with complete trust that my family will take best care of him.”

Working with the Balaji family is like the icing on the cake for Deepika. “I was part of BCL and now it is Kawach. It is an amazing feeling to be working with Ekta. Every actor wants to work with Balaji. And in the field of entertainment, Ekta Kapoor’s name comes first. It is great to be part of the Balaji family.”

Lastly, Deepika wants her fans to shower all love on her show Kawach Mahashivratri.

Best of luck, Deepika!!

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