Prince Narula to be seen in the upcoming episode of  MTV Troll Police. 

Live and let live, says Prince Narula to his trolls

Youth Icon Prince Narula, who is also known as the reality show king (winner of Roadies X4, Bigg Boss 9, Splitsvilla), will be seen in the upcoming episode of MTV Troll Police. This reality show is hosted by Roadies fame Rannvijay Singha. MTV has taken an initiative to address the issue of cyber bullying to educate the society.

Talking about the concept of the show, he says, “I really like the concept of the show. When they first approached me with the idea, I loved it. I feel no one has a right to comment on anyone’s body or work. Body-Shaming can destroy a person and take him/her into depression. It is like a crime.”

He further adds, “My troll was a weird boy. He thought everything that I have achieved in my career is because of others’ support and help. It’s others’ charity for me. However, he is not aware how much I have faced in my life and the struggle I have gone through. People just watch us on TV and pass their comments. They don’t know about our hard work. I wanted to show him how the struggle has been for me. I would suggest if you don’t like our work shut the TV, but at least respect our profession. We told him about Roadies audition and only 10% of struggle he faced and he gave up. I am glad that we managed to make him realize his mistake. If he would have gone without learning a lesson, it would have been our mistake.”

When asked what he likes to say to his trolls, Prince states, “I would like to tell them to first achieve something in life and then comment on others. It is very easy to point fingers and put a person down. When you comment on others’ body and work, you should realize that there will be people who will be commenting on your family members. Live and let live is what I would suggest such people.”

Way to go, Prince!!

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