Dana Alexa, the judge of the &TV show gets to talk about Indian culture and talent.

I would love to choreograph for Tiger and Jacqueline: Dana Alexa

Dana Alexa, the professional dancer and choreographer from Brooklyn, NY says she in love with Indian culture as it is vibrant and warm.

The internationally acclaimed dancer, who is currently judging &TV’s High Fever…Dance Ka Naya Tevar shares, “Indian culture is amazing and welcoming. Their dance forms are also superb. I loved Bollywood style, Bangara and Kathak. They are remarkable in western dance forms like hip hop and contemporary too. The level of talent the Indians have is incredible. The dancers are versatile and skilled.”

Dana feels Indian film industry is synonymous with song and dance culture. “It would be an honour to choreograph for Bollywood movies. I have been to a set and I can imagine at what level they shoot. Such massive set, I was astonished. If given a chance I would love to choreograph Tiger Shroff and Jacqueline Fernandez. Tiger is an amazing dancer and Jacqueline is a very strong girl.”

Talking about India, Dana says she loves the rich culture of the country.

“What I love the most about India are the people of this country, they are so loving and welcoming and supportive. I love the culture, it is so rich. I have so much to learn from it. I am staying in Mumbai, so I am exploring it. I am enjoying everything here. I am also learning Hindi from the production crew and my co-judges.”

Way to go, Dana!!

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