Suhasi Dhami who plays the lead in Zee TV’s Aap Ke Aa Jane Se gets into a conversation with

Love and compatibility is the bedrock of any relationship, and not just age: Suhasi Dhami

Suhasi Dhami is full of praise for her ten to eleven years younger Zee TV show Aap Ke Aa Jane Se co-star Karan Jotwani

Says Suhasi, “He is a very natural actor. I was not as good when I was his age.”

This Bodhi Tree Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. story is about an older woman and younger man tale. Suhasi further justifies the recent leap the show has taken. “It was needed to keep the drama alive; we could not show more between the couple who don’t meet. Also post lead the kids grew up and we have more angles to play with as well.”

Will Vedika ever unite with Sahil? “I don’t know, for complications work. Had we shown our love being fructified, we would not have lasted for seven months.We need to accept that our small screen audiences are still not ready to accept such relationships. Even the ladies in my colony like and sympathize with Sahil, but are still cagey about marriage saying that that 18 years age gap is too much. I don’t think even my real life mom would support such a union.”

But is this not reflective of societal double standards, where an older man younger woman is still accepted. “Agreed, but did Milind Soman and his much younger wife also not face flak?”

“To be honest, love and compatibility is the bedrock of any relationship and not just age. My dancer teacher divorced her first husband who was just a year older to her, for they did not gel. Later she found love and solace in a dude 10 years younger to her. I had played an important role in convincing her to take the plunge,” reveals the beautiful actress.

Suhasi feels that web opposed to TV is a better platform to showcase changing social mores, for it speaks to younger audiences who are more receptive to new ideas.

“I am myself looking forward to interesting web projects. If something like Sacred Games along, I will consider it,” Suhasi quips.

Will your hubby not mind? “No, he (Drashti Dhami’s brother) is very clued on to web series himself.”

But she then adds a caveat that by bold, she does not mean shedding clothes, “But edgier concepts.”

Best of luck for your future, Suhasi!!

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