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Barun Sobti has won many hearts in his television career and we can’t help but keep loving him come what may!

This is why we love handsome hunk, Barun Sobti

Even when Barun Sobti left the small screen after playing Arnav Singh Raizada in “Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon?” fans are still in love with him. And why won’t they? Barun Sobti is a self-proclaimed Ectomorph and though it surprises us a lot, one look at him and we get it. He is amazingly dedicated and self motivated when it comes to everything! Right from preparing for characters to acting and from keeping fit with exercises to eating right, Barun Sobti has it all under control.

Besides, we could never avoid that infectious smile of his that just melts our hearts right away, could we!

This is why we love handsome hunk, Barun Sobti
Here are all the reasons why Barun Sobti always was, still is and will remain to be the Reigning heartthrob of television industry.

  • Barun is a true hottie! He has even been hailed as the Fawad Khan of India. He’s tall and hunky and to top it all off, he has an air of attraction that we just can’t escape! Talk about good looks, style and amazing personality all wrapped up into one brooding actor.
  • He is a great actor. He seamlessly nailed the role of a brooding man that Arnav Singh was. There are actually parallels made from him and he has just proved himself to be the great actor every time.
  • He has an air of mystery that adds to the attraction. He’s a family guy who doesn’t make too many posts about his private life on social media. The paparazzi wants him and then they want him all the more when he’s so mysterious.
  • He is humble and a true gentleman that anyone who’s interacted with him would totally agree to. Undoubtedly so, we would agree that humility is hot and in this case, it looks pretty handsome too!

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