Candid chat with Manasi Verma

Manasi Verma taking crooning lessons 

Veteran actor and anchor, Manasi  Verma, last seen in Star Plus’ Private Investigator, is trying to cultivate a new facet to her performing arts repertoire. “I am taking up singing lessons. It is very important for artists to go beyond looks and acting. My ultimate aim is to be a singer cum actor like Ayushmann Khurrana, who fuses both effortlessly.”

She is not sure about cutting a YouTube song as of now. “Let me first cut my teeth in the art as you need to be really good before starting off professionally.” She would also love to be part of celeb talent reality shows, but would not want to come as a fresh contestant on shows like Indian Idol, etc.

Here Manasi, who began years ago with Kahani Ghar Ghar Kii, admits that her TV career did not really bloom, “For I had to take long breaks hoping to strike it big in cinema. Unfortunately, back then, the chasm between both media was huge. Luckily, today Bollywood accepts TV actors with open arms.”

Manasi was also part of Kasamh Se, where she replaced Roshni Chopra as the lead. “Changing leads midstream is part of the TV game. I enjoyed my bit in this Zee TV show.”

“But if there was any series apart from Kahani which takes a special place in my heart, it has to be CID: Special Bureau, which allowed me to make male fans. Normally, TV is the domain of the fairer sex. But back then and even now, guys praise my cop efforts in this Sony show.”

Besides acting, Manasi is also a good anchor, having hosted Sonu Nigam’s US and Canada shows. “Even now I bead events together. An anchor needs to be very spontaneous and entertaining.”

Manasi is not very kicked about doing bold web series. “I believe that artists themselves need to draw a line somewhere, for if few girls go dare-bare, it emboldens the makers to go for starker nudity. And when we say no, there are ten other girls who are ready for the same. Good content is not just love-making and abuse.”

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