Charu Asopa on new show and alleged troubled marriage with Rajeev Sen

All marriages have problems, need love and maturity to sustain: Charu Asopa on troubled marriage 

Charu Asopa, who has entertained masses in various shows over the years, is making a comeback with Star Bharat’s upcoming show Akbar Birbal as Heera Bai.

Talking about her new role and show, she says, “It feels amazing and lively. I am happy to be back with a comedy show. I missed being on set. For a year, I was away from work so I missed it. However, I was busy in my personal life. I am going back on set so I am excited and nervous.

Charu feels the show will spread positivity during these difficult times. “There is a lot of negativity around us. Everyone is facing issues and problems in their lives. We are also been hearing all upsetting and sad news around us so in such a difficult time making people laugh via your comedy show is an amazing thing I guess. We are getting a light-hearted show to make people happy and we are trying to spread positivity via our show.”

When asked about her experience working in the comedy genre, she shares, “I am trying my hands at the comedy genre so I am happy. However, it is very difficult to make people laugh. When we see a comedy show, we think it is very easy to make people laugh. However, the actor makes it look easy but the genre is difficult. I have learnt a lot from Ali Asgar sir. I learn every day and in every scene. He does amazing improvisation in a scene and I get surprised looking at them. I myself fail to control my laughter amidst the scenes. I am enjoying shooting for the show. I am very excited about my look and I will don different looks in the show and audiences will definitely love them. I hope audiences like the show.”

Charu reveals that she kept herself busy during the lockdown phase and learnt new skills.

“During this phase it is difficult to stay alone and you might get negative thoughts. I kept myself busy and learnt new skills. I worked on my YouTube channel and learnt cooking too. This lockdown helped me befriend myself. This phase has thought me that you have come alone in this world and will go alone and hence your relation with yourself should be strong.”

On an end note, commenting on her personal life issues and marriage with Rajeev Sen being in trouble, she adds, “I have always believed that we plan for something but then he (GOD) has something greater planned for us. Look, all marriages have problems but then if handled properly with love and maturity everything can overcome. I have immense faith in God, I believe that everything destined and Karma plays a very vital role in our lives. Whoever or whatever will happen, I just focus on that and then wait for results. And in the future whatever will happen you guys will surely come to know.”

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