Mobile phones should be banned on a shooting floor: Manish Goel

In conversation with professional and committed Manish Goel

Mobile phones should be banned on a shooting floor: Manish Goel

Veteran actor Manish Goel, who is set to entertain audiences in the television space with Star Bharat show Ayushman Bhava and Sony LIV’s Love Bytes 2, says that he does not carry his mobile on the set.

“I lock both my handsets in my make–up room /vanity and then only go on the floor. Once you start shooting, you need to give your 100%, and taking calls does break your concentration.  I still remember a few years back I received a call from my wife regarding our child and it affected my output. Since then I made up my mind to not to carry my cell on the set and follow same till date.  And honestly, it has helped me a lot as I can concentrate and emote better.”

He continues saying: “It is quite sad to see actors logging on to social media and updating their statuses between light change breaks, doing all this takes away from your scene,  you need to be fully immersed in your character. I regard each and every scene equally important as you never know which one might land you big work. I got lead role in Bhabhi after a character role in Kasautii Zindagi Ke. Guess, someone saw my performance and took a call.”

Not only mobiles, Manish does not even take his scripts on set. “I remember not only my lines but even of other’s as we need to know when to take our cues. Some actors only remember their lines.  I never need a paper to remember my lines when we practice before the final take.  It is sad to see actor’s missing out large portions,   a line here and there is cool, but not this.”

Here, Manish says his disciplined approach has rubbed off on some of the younger lot on Ayushman Bhava set, “They   observed me and were impressed.”

In closing, Manish says, “I hope producers pass a rule which prohibits mobiles on set.  Script bans will be wrong for not everybody has a good memory.”

Wise thoughts, indeed!!!

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