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My definition of being bold is not wearing short clothes: Rajshri Rani

Rajshri Rani Pandey is on a long deserved sabbatical after her popular Star Plus show Suhani Si Ek Ladki  recently wrapped up after a three years  stint. “Apart from taking care of my health, I also need to go back home to spend long due time with family and finishing up lots of other pending. I will slowly start  looking for fresh assignments.”

Rajshri says Suhani was no cake walk. “I was quite new in Mumbai so had to learn everything on the job. Also, my mom passed away so I had to learn to live alone.  There were many other and ups and downs.”

She accepts that it would be a challenge to come out of playing the dusky demure girl image. “We get  so much used to playing the same character day in and day out that it becomes our second  skin. I remember after the story underwent a change and my character became a responsible mother, the director asked me to undergo a complete change including my body language. I burst out crying for I was so attached to the old characterization. The biggest take home from Suhani was that it completely  changed me as a person. I became confident and sure of myself.  Before that I could not speak properly or risk trying out new ventures.”

Looking ahead, Rajshri would now want to play around with bolder roles . “My definition of edgy is not necessarily wearing short clothes. There is so much we can do in terms of pushing the envelope   i.e. what Vidya Balan has successfully done over the years with her hit films.”

She is also open to being part of web series. “The best part of this format is that since they are limited in duration, the stories and characters have much more meat. Sadly in a daily, tracks loose punch after a while for it is not possible to maintain the same momentum for two to three years  at a stretch  We also get to play around with  different types of characters .”

In closing, Rajshri says, “Today, the situation in the industry is quite tough be it for known or freshers. Leaving out the top four five, we all rest have to struggle to find new work.  What is interesting is the fact that I have seen very talented actors, who have also done theater, are sitting at home.  And some who I would not really call good in their craft keep getting work. I guess it all boils down to destiny.”

Well said Rajshri. Wish you luck and success.


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