The ever-smiling and happy actor Sharan Anandani who plays the role of Vansh Goenka in the Star Plus popular and long-running show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, is thrilled to have completed his one-year journey with the show. He has garnered popularity in the role and looks forward to a fruitful phase ahead.

In a candid chat with, Sharan talks about his role and his likes as a performer.

Read on.

Vansh has been an endearing character in Yeh Rishta. What are his attributes that you like the most?

Vansh is always positive towards all situations. He always tries to cheer up his family members and friends. I have enjoyed playing this character, and have felt happy doing so.

What has been your takeaway playing this character?

My takeaway from playing this character is to enjoy the role every day. I personally love shooting happy celebration sequences, dance sequences etc.

When are we seeing a girl for Vansh in the show?

Don’t know when a girl will be on board for Vansh. I am sure the writers will have something in mind. So let’s hope and pray that there is someone soon for Vansh.

What do you like shooting the most?

As an actor, I feel there should be more twists and turns in the story. It should not be a drag for the audience. There should be happy moments and sad moments, and the story should move on. Keeping all of it in mind as an actor, there should be an intriguing factor in the story plot. That will make an actor like me more interested.

What are the kind of roles/ genres that you like to explore as a performer?

I like doing comedy and action. Am very good at comedy. I am waiting for a role which will push me beyond a limit when it comes to my comic sense.

Who is /are the best company for you on the set of Yeh Rishta?

Kairav, Aarohi and Bade Papa. We have a ball between takes. We chitchat, enjoy, crack jokes and get back to work when the camera rolls.

Your best friend from the set will be

Obviously, Kairav Goenka that is Mayank Arora. We share the same makeup room. We rehearse together, get ready together, and have lunch together. After that, it will be Aarohi and Bade Papa. All in the cast are good friends, but these three a very close to me.