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Akanksha Juneja of Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 gets into a conversation with

Negative roles are my forte: Akanksha Juneja on her role in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2

Akanksha Juneja is making hearts skip in the negative role of Kanak Desai in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 the newly launched Star Plus show produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions.

Says Akanksha, “Saathiya 2 is full of drama. People should get glued to the new season. As for the negative role, it is my forte. It is something I love to do. Also I feel it is a very big responsibility on me. But I am very happy. I am excited to play my part.”

Talking of Kanak, she states, “Kanak is a very stylish, educated, independent woman, who is the mastermind of everything that goes wrong in the Desai house. She thinks very straight, but is very sweet in front and stabs one at the back. She has a lot of flavours and variations in her.”

“My life seems so blessed working with such wonderful people. Everyone on the set is so co-operative and down-to-earth. We discuss our scenes, choreograph our scenes and try to bring out the best,” she avers.

Ask her about her fascination for the negative roles and Akanksha states, “Negative roles attract me because there is a lot to do. I am a very quiet, polite person in my real life. That is something I don’t do in my real life. So when I am shooting, I want to see myself in all those flavours. This is a challenge to me to play what I am not in real life.”

Tell Akanksha that she looks fabulous in her look, and she quips, “The production and creative team worked really hard on my look. For 10 days, we were trying out different costumes. And now, when the outcome is there before everyone, and there are people appreciating my look, we are so happy that the hard work has paid off. I have got a very good response for everything related to Kanak.”

Being part of the new family that has come into the new season, is there extra pressure on you guys? “Obviously, we feel the pressure. More of the responsibility is on us, as we are new to this cult show. We do discuss with the senior cast, direction and creative team on how the scenes should be dealt with. We are trying to give our best.”

“My expectation from the role is that people should love Kanak. Even though she is negative, I want people to accept Kanak the way she is. I don’t mind people scolding me, abusing me. That will make me happier. Please give is your blessings and connect with us so that we can entertain you all more and more.”

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