Megha Gupta talks about donning the negative shade for the very first time in her career with Ayushman Bhava.

I have never got ‘hate mails’ in my career till Ayushman Bhava happened to me – Megha Gupta

Megha Gupta is very excited about her comeback to TV, post her marriage with actor Siddhant Karnick with the show on Star Bharat, Ayushman Bhava (White Horse International).

For Megha, the challenge is double as she dons a negative avatar for the first time in her career. Says Megha, “I have been playing positive for my entire life. This is the first time that I am doing a negative shade. Never have you heard of the main girl getting the love of her life killed, like what my character Samaira did. This is the first time it is happening, and I am happy to be doing the role. This is the most exciting time to be back on TV.”

Talking about her character, Megha avers, “Samaira is a very upfront girl; she has her shades. She is upsmart, but has her values too. She has come under high pressure from her father and has got her lover killed. The story will get rather interesting when the lover’s reincarnated avatar would get to know of the girl being involved in his death.”

Megha has already started getting hate mails, and this makes her very happy. “I have never got hate mails in my life. People have been questioning as to how I could kill the guy I love. But the fact is that the girl did not know for the fact that her guy will eventually be killed. Whatever be it, the hate mails are making me happy, as they are coming from fans of Avinash Sachdev.”

Another aspect that makes the role all the more interesting for Megha is her look and styling. “I have already got three different looks for the show. In the pre-death phase of Avinash, I was seen in a long skirt, with silver jewelry. Now, Samaira has turned into a business woman. So in office, she is in trousers, with high heels. Otherwise, she is seen in sarees, which are literally my genre.”

Megha is very happy that she chose the right project for her comeback. “I was always looking for something challenging. I did not want to play the ‘bechari bahu’, or the sister and bhabhi roles. Also, I did not want to play mother to a child. And I am happy to be playing a 24 years old now, even after doing 3-4 shows. That’s the luckiest thing that could have happened to me. In fact, I can say that I am going back in time with the roles I am getting to play now.”

For Megha, the biggest challenge in playing Samaira comes from the fact that she has to constantly keep switching between playing the nice girl and the baddie. “I have been used to playing the one dimensional characters. And here I need to switch between hair styles, costume, make-up and of course, my emotion. So switching between all of this is the most challenging part of playing Samaira.”

Megha has had quality time with hubby Siddhant Karnick before getting back to the grind. “We built our house together, and enjoyed time at our new home. We both are now ready for work. Siddhant will also get into work if he gets something good.”

Talking about how Siddhant convinced her to take up the role in Ayushman Bhava, Megha tells us, “I was very much doubtful of this role earlier. He gave me the confidence to take it up. I was actually moving into an unknown territory, but today I am happy to receive his compliments.”

Last but not the least, Megha had praises to shower on co-actor Avinash Sachdev. “He is a very good actor. In fact, we helped each other out in all ways possible. There has been a very good exchange of energies between the two of us. I am looking forward to my shoot interactions with the little boy Ricky Patel.”

Way to go, Megha!!


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