Sanjay R Gagnani, popular for his role of Prithvi in Balaji Telefilms’ Kundali Bhagya in a candid conversation with

I never knew that playing a villain will make me a hero in the eyes of viewers: Sanjay R Gagnani

Playing a villain has taken him to new heights as an actor!! Well, we are talking about Sanjay R Gagnani, who has made his role of Prithvi in Zee TV’s top-rated show, Kundali Bhagya quite famous!!

In an exclusive conversation with, Sanjay gets into a candid chat with us. “Well, it is all God’s grace that Prithvi is being loved. I did not know that playing a villain like Prithvi will prove to be so beneficial to me. When you play a villain, you tend to think that people are going to hate you. But people have proven me wrong. By playing it, I am getting as much love that a hero usually gets (smiles). See, the trend has changed. There was a time when viewers used to think that the person who plays it is also like the character. Now the perception has changed and viewers realize that the actor is just performing and is nowhere close to what he plays. I am happy that I am being loved for my performance. There are fans who write and tell me that they hate Prithvi, but love Sanjay (smiles). I am grateful that they can see that I am putting lot of hard work. This character has completely changed my life. I never knew that playing a villain would make me a hero in the eyes of people.”

Ask him about the best part of playing Prithvi Malhotra, and he is quick to say, “Prithvi has no limitations; he is not limited by any boundary. He is very unpredictable and is a free bird. An actor goes through his best phase when he is set free to go in any direction, sticking to the content of the story. Also, I get to play both roles in the story. When I am with Preeta and her family, I am this typical Rajshri hero. But when I am with Sherlyn or alone, Prithvi is the most fearful character you can see. So I love this variety and range that I get to portray.”

Sanjay who has been part of TV shows Bairi Piya, Hamari Devrani, Dilli Wali Thakur Girls etc, is very honest to his work and does not take any scene lightly. “I give my sweat and blood to every scene that I execute. I don’t aim for any reward or name, and my biggest gift is when I make my Director and fans happy. I feel blessed that God has given me the energy to entertain audiences. For me, happiness is success and I am happy when I make people around me happy.”

Sanjay never thought that he can play a negative lead well. But having excelled in that now, he does not fear about being typecast. “Ekta M’am has a great vision, and I went by her trust and vision. About being typecast, I want to tell you that I am a fearless actor. If I had any apprehensions, I would not have taken up the negative role. You can say, I am a director’s actor and a viewers’ actor.”

The young lad does not want to think about his future, as he wants to absorb and live the sweetness of the present phase. “I believe in staying in the present, and my present is very beautiful. Whenever I have been free, I have left energies to the Universe, and I believe that the same energy will attract you. I believe that Destiny has played the magic of giving me what I wanted, as I had once told Universe that I want to be part of a top-rated show. Honestly, I never take any single scene lightly and I believe that, this will not go unnoticed. So whatever lies in the future, I believe will be good for me.”

Best of luck, Sanjay for a great future ahead!!

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