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Niti Taylor helps her father and gives him a new look during the lockdown. Check here.

Niti Taylor comes to her father’s rescue: Read More

Niti Taylor the talented actress of Ishqbaaz fame is busy making her videos with the interesting happenings around her life. She has been trying to keep herself busy, in the best way possible.

Her pyjama videos shot recently were a rage and were viewed instantly by masses.

Recently, she took to help out her father, in this lockdown stay at home phase.

She decided to give him a much-needed haircut!! And she did it with style!! Her cute video of her giving her father the haircut has come out really nicely and we simply love watching it.

Check here for the post and picture

This looks nice and we are really pleased with Niti’s efforts of keeping herself and her family happy and positive in mind!!

Wow!! Niti the family person is in action here!!

Watch this space at for updates.

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