Aashka Goradia talks about the Bigg Boss contestants and on the ongoing season of the show.

No Bigg Boss contestant is in control of things, the format alone calls all the shots: Aashka Goradia

“Like in any casino, where the winner is always the house, Colors reality show Bigg Boss is no different”, says Bigg Boss 6 contestant, Aashka Goradia.

“Although I have not been able to follow the current season much due to the husband shifting to Goa, the above thumb rule has to continue i.e. Bigg Boss alone calls all the shots. No one can survive as per the plan, for the creative keep skewing the game, courtesy tasks and wild card entries. Plus they have psychologists, who follow your every move.”

“They play with your mind, given the fact that you are locked in the house with no idea of time, plus they deprive you of food.”

“Above all, what finally comes out is 45 minutes of content, which they can easily edit to give a different meaning if they want. For example, one person goes to the bar asking the other guy to come home as his dad is unwell, but if he is seen coming out, he may still be branded as a drunkard,” says Aashka, last seen in &TV show, Dayaan.

Aashka herself was shown in the wrong light with Sana Khan. “Back then I felt angry, but now, six years down the road I say it’s ok, for this is needed to generate ratings. There is nothing personal. And let’s face it, we all know what the format entails, so then we should not cry wolf.”

“They have understood the human instinct, which makes you want to watch the baser things of life. You have to provide entertainment, lest out you go.”

“Having said that, it is wrong to say there are only fights; we also have good moments. I really got along well with Jyoti Amega. Back in my day, this midget girl was very sweet and fun-loving. The one who is able to control his negative side and gets along with others will eventually win.”

Point out that most winners have not gone on to become huge on coming out, she says, “Yes, I have not been able to figure this out yet. Most winners have not rocked. Rather, it is first the runners up who have made a mark for themselves. Having said that, their have been exceptions to the rule in the form of Shweta Tiwari. But again, she was a known name before entering and continued to do well post Bigg Boss as well.”

Coming to the current season, she says, “Many of the contestants are friends. Their PR teams have approached me to support them. But I refuse, for I am aware they are not in control of things. So it would be wrong to either support or judge them. I would not have wanted my friends to comment on my stint as well,” ended she.


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