Kaveri Priyam tells IWMBuzz what and how it feels to be loved a lot by the audience. Read the story for more details

It is no less than a blessing from God to be loved to this extent for a show – Kaveri Priyam

When it comes to the TV industry where competition is there in plenty, it is quite a difficult task to get love from the audience. But looks like it has been a ‘cakewalk’ for Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke pair Ritvik Arora and Kaveri Priyam. Their on-screen characters are loved immensely and such is the legion of fans they enjoy that absolutely anything and everything that they do, fans can’t keep calm seeing them.

So when IWMBuzz asked Kaveri recently as to how it feels when you are the recipient to so much love and attention, she said and we quote,

“Touchwood, I feel extremely lucky and blessed that we get so much love. I am extremely happy that the audience loves me and Ritvik and our on-screen chemistry so much and the fact that they give out so much love to our show. It’s rare on TV and whatever we are today, it is because of the love from their end. It is their love and adulation that keeps us going. It is no less than a blessing to be loved so much for your show. ”

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