Talented and beautiful Hiba Nawab has no regrets about being part of Colors’ sitcom Bhaag Bakool Bhaag which will shut shop soon.

“It was a short beautiful journey, got so much to learn, being my first tryst with the comic genre.  I really enjoyed as there was no rona dhona (crying scenes) and also my co stars (Jay Soni, Shruti Rawat) were a blast.  Most important of all, my work was appreciated. ”

Hiba would not describe her character Sheena as a typical rich blonde.  “She was smart but was in love.  She would catch Bakool’s tricks but he was smarter than her, I guess.   She also had a mean bitch side.  All in all it was fun, essaying someone different from my real life persona.”

The lovely lady began as a child artist (Ssshhhh…Phir Koi Hai), then took a break and then returned as a lead with Crazy Stupid Ishq. “The first six months were quite tough for being just 16 year old I was not able to identify with the life of my 21 year character.  And in such situations you resort to acting rather than emoting, which make things look fake. I would cry a lot, my director would also get upset.  But I never lost hope and kept trying harder.  My luck changed with Tere Sheher Mein.  Having said that I still have a long way to go, I will keep perfecting my craft.”

Here she attributes the low numbers of Bakool to the early evening 5.30 pm slot. “This experimental slot has not worked, as no one is free to watch TV at that hour.  Our repeat telecast ratings are higher.”

For information, the show has now been temporary shunted even half hour earlier at 5 PM for the final few episodes.

Looking ahead, Hiba would now want to try her hands at a hard core romantic show. She is game for web series as well, “Digital shows not only offer stuff which TV does not allow, but are also shorter in duration, so you are not stuck with one character for a long time.”

However, she will not wear a bikini or enact intimate scenes at the moment, “I am not comfortable. Down the road, if I evolve as a person, I   just might do, never say never.”

Wish her luck and success.