If I was not good enough, I would have not got back doing Rashmi Sharma’s show – Tanya Sharma

Tanya Sharma talks about her new challenges in her new avatar for Zee TV’s Woh Apna Sa.

If I was not good enough, I would have not got back doing Rashmi Sharma’s show – Tanya Sharma

Tanya Sharma, the elegant yet demure Meera Modi of Saath Nibhana Saathiya is back and how different has been her comeback!!

In quite an interesting avatar, Tanya’s new role is nothing short of being ‘spectacular’!!

Seen as the lead in Zee TV’s Woh Apna Sa (Rashmi Sharma Productions), Tanya is happy to have bagged the character of Binni.

She says, “The challenge that came to me with this role has nothing to do with acting, but in the look. I have never worn such clothes. The main thing is the pink hair that I don. To tell you frankly, it took me some time to get comfortable with the pink wig, and I am still trying to get comfortable. The character needed the spunk as Binni is not boring at all, and is different. She is a top model from New York, and is bold, outspoken, emotionless considering the bad experience she has faced with her family during childhood.”

Explaining more on her character, the young girl avers, “The family has trapped Binni now. Her only intention of coming to India was to study. But now they are not allowing her to do it. They have spoilt her career. So Binny who is very career-oriented has gotten on a spree to get revenge from them. You can term her to be situationally negative. She’s a brat. Above all, whenever you are not with the positive people, you tend to get termed as negative (laughs). So it is fine for me. I took this role because of the various layers it has. Viewers will soon get to know of it.”

For Tanya, the most interesting and important difference from her roles in Saathiya and Woh Apnaa Sa, is that her present one is more colourful. “Yes, it has various colors and that makes it more challenging. I hope I am able to pull it off sooner or later.”

On her expectations from the show, she states, “Whenever you are joining a running show, it is difficult to fit in as all the characters have already been accepted by viewers. To make your place is tough. The makers are trying their level best to get me into the thick of things. The difference in this character is very much visible, and as an actor this is what I want.”

During her Saathiya journey, Tanya is believed to have had a tiff and argument with the Producer Rashmi Sharma, even threatening her to walk out of the show. Laughing off such baseless rumours, Tanya clears the air, “I don’t know why people wrote about all that. There was nothing at all. Even after the fight happened, she (Rashmi Sharma) has been inviting me for all her parties. It is really funny though. I have always enjoyed working with Rashmi Mam. She usually repeats her actors. If I was not good enough, I would not have got back with her. They were searching for a real model, and got me on board. I will use this opportunity to the fullest.”

Last but not the least, Tanya is happy to have created a change with respect to the memory of viewers. “The last memory of me that people have is with kids and in a saree. I did not want to break anything. It is just that all knew that I was a young girl wearing a saree. But now, it feels good to play this character. I have never been bold and outspoken in real life. So I want this role to be one memorable one for me and for my fans.”

Wish you all the luck, Tanya!!

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