Swarda Thigale who is presently seen as the lead in Pyaar Ke Papad gets into a conversation where she talks about her character and show.

It is obvious for fathers to be unsure of their daughter’s choice: Swarda Thigale

Cute and talented actor Swarda Thigale is enjoying her stint in the new STAR Bharat show Pyaar Ke Papad.

Says Swarda, “I really identify with my daughter character. Shivika loves her father played by veteran film actor Akhilendra Mishra, and always tries to balance between her love Omkar (Aashay Mishra) and her family. The title of our romcom is apt; tell me of any romance without hassles? ”

Her last show was the Colors medical drama Savitri Devi College & Hospital where she played a doctor. Here her on-screen father keeps testing her boyfriend. “And the poor boy has to innovate just to stay in the race. My character is like any girl next door who while caring for family is equally ambitious about her career and desires.”

Swarda who is also a stage actress says, “It is but obvious for fathers to be possessive about their daughters. Their scepticism about the future- son -in law is also given, as they only have the best interest of their daughters at heart. On the other hand the guy is also not wrong, for he too has full right to love someone. Not all guys are flirts and useless.”

“My real life dad does not stop me from going out or dating. But yes as any caring father, he does keep a tab on who I have gone out with, what does the guy do and how is his nature etc.”

If you flipped for a guy who your dad does not approve, then what will happen? “Well I have been lucky in this department till now, but if things do come to such a pass, I will then need to take tips from my character to convince dad to green light my choice. The ideal thing in any marriage is that the couple has blessings of both sets of parents. I don’t like to cut ties being a family-oriented gal.”

“Also it would make my current assignment easier as I would then not need to act, and just be myself on set as well,” said Swarda with a smile.

Well-said, Swarda!!