Dheeraj Dhoopar the talented actor who is presently seen playing the lead role of Subhaan in Zee TV’s Rabb Se Hai Dua, loves his pet a lot. Today, 11 April, being the National Pet Day, Dheeraj has made sure that he talks about his pet Oreo, who is a family member to him. Having pets is part of the lifestyle for many, and they shower love and affection on them. For Dheeraj, his pet is a family member.

Says Dheeraj about his pet, “My pet, Oreo has been nothing but a blessing for us. He has become an integral part of our lives since day one. He made me believe that to express love, you don’t need words; your presence and actions can make someone’s day.”

Dheeraj goes on to talk about the incredible bond that he shares with his pet. “He’s incredibly attached to me, often insisting on playtime before I leave for work, regardless of whether he’s eaten. Even during meals, he’s by my side, ensuring his presence is felt. He’s become like an elder brother to my son, Zayn, and the bond they share is truly remarkable. My heartfelt plea is for individuals to prioritize animal welfare, show kindness, and consider adoption if you’re able to care for them responsibly. If not, support animal welfare however you can.”

Be good to pets. Take this pledge on this day!!