Avinash Wadhawan is enjoying to hilt the character of Harish Vyas in Zee TV and Rajshri Productions’ popular show, Piya Albelaa.

Sandwiched between his love for his son and his responsibility towards his family, his character shows a lot of endurance and patience, especially when it comes to dealing with his son, who is on the threshold of leaving all worldly pleasures.

Says Avinash, “This role in Piyaa Albelaa is entirely different from whatever I have done in the past. Harish has a lot of love for his family and towards his only son Naren who is different from all other normal boys. The fact that his son does not want to go to office, run his business empire has made the father very upset. He is extremely pained by his son’s attitude towards life. And while dealing with this huge pressure, he gets short-tempered at times while dealing with his son. Overall this is a very challenging role and I am glad that all is going fine.”

Working with Zee TV and Rajshri Productions has been a great experience for the man. “This is my third association with Zee TV. I have had great roles to portray earlier on the channel in shows Shobha Somnath Ki and Doli Armaanon Ki. And when you are working with Rajshri’s it is a great experience. For me, it is a double pleasure working with Zee and Rajshris. Rajshri Productions is a dream production that an actor would love to get into. The production house treats all actors as family. Everyone is equal here, and that’s the best part. The manner in which Soorajji and Raj Babu have accepted all the actors as family is amazing. The love that our producers shower on us motivates us to put in the extra effort on the set. There are no parallels for Rajshri Productions is what I would say.”

The storyline of Piya Albella also sends out a message to parents about the dilemma that parents face when their kids grow up as a separate entity.

“Well, it is understandable when the kids want to choose their own profession and don’t intend joining the family business or work module. However, in our show, the pity is that the son is not interested in anything. So yes, this does send out a message to parents to make their kids more responsible towards their life and that of the family’s. The parents should imbibe certain values of responsibilities in their children. The parents should start to give small jobs for the children which will make them feel responsible. The kids should be taught to love and respect their family. I believe that extreme love and pampering can spoil kids.”

Ask the senior actor whether he has seen an individual in real life who is close to what Naren is like and he is quick to say, “Well, in real life, I see my father to be similar to Naren. He had no ambition in life to rise and shine. He always wanted a simple life, and was not at all interested in the concept of having big houses, car and all the amenities needed for a luxurious life.  He also opted to not take anything from his father. So I can see Naren in my own father.”

Accepting the fact that Rajshri Productions has given life to a rather risky project, Avinash states, “This is certainly a risky script to work with. But Rajshri Productions is always known to tackle sensitive stories with all the ease. The story is progressing really well. And as an actor, I look forward to the future tracks that will again put the father in many pressure cooker situations.”

Very nicely said, Avinash!!