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Mohammad Nazim who plays the role of Ahem Modi and Jaggi Modi in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 gets into an exclusive conversation with

It is a privilege to play the double role in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2: Mohammad Nazim

Mohammad Nazim is enjoying his double dose of action in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2, the newly launched Star Plus show produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions.

Mohammad Nazim was seen in the lead role of Ahem Modi in the first edition post which the character had died owing to a car accident.

The makers had then brought his look-alike into action who was the brother of Ahem, called Jaggi Modi. The climax of the first edition of Saathiya had seen Jaggi getting married to Gopi.

But now, with the second season kick-starting, Mohammad Nazim is back as Ahem Modi as well as in the role of Jaggi Modi.

Says Nazim, “It is a privilege to play a double role in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2. When I was told of it, I could not control the level of my excitement. I was so happy. The only thought that came to me then was that I should be having a good range in approaching the two roles.”

Coming to the wrestler look of Ahem Modi, Nazim states, “Ahem needed to be the well-built man with good muscles. He has been shown as a wrestler. I was told to put on weight for the role of Ahem Modi. I gained in weight, nearly 5 Kgs. In real life, I work a lot on my body. The makers did not want a body builder image for Ahem. Instead, they wanted the Desi kind of pehelwan look. In addition to this, there is Jaggi who is totally different. He is the well-suited man, married to Gopi.”

Mohammad Nazim is excited to shoot for the moment when the two characters meet each other. “I am eager to shoot for the scenes when Ahem and Jaggi will come face to face. Though this will not happen very soon, I get goosebumps, by thinking of that one moment. So there are a lot of challenges to overcome and this is just the start.”

Nazim likes the auspicious way in which the show has been started. “The first scene had the aarti in which the Modi family participate. It was so divine to shoot for. Also, I was brought into the scene, where Gopi sees Ahem joining her for the aarti. It was a nice start, I would say.”

Ask him about the possibility of Jaggi turning negative later on, and he states, “Jaggi is extremely positive. He is no way close to negative as of now. The character graphs of all characters will grow with time. So we need to wait and watch.”

Nazim is happy with the response gotten from fans. “The welcome response from fans has been so overwhelming. I have been getting huge compliments for getting back on the show. People are excited to see Ahem back”

On getting back with the Saathiya family, Nazim exclaims, “It is so nice to work with the same team after three years. Not many will get this opportunity. I am sure to enjoy this journey of Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2.”

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