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Rashami Desai and Shehnaaz Gill indulge in such a heartfelt conversation in Bigg Boss 13

I am proud of you: Rashami Desai tells to Shehnaaz Gill

Surviving the house of Bigg Boss 13 has been quite a challenge. As contestants move closer to the finale, they are trying really hard to calm themselves in the storm of the house.

In the recent episode, we caught Rashami Desai and Sana in a candid conversation where Rashami goes all out and says, “I am very solid woman.” Confused Sana asks her, “Solid ka kya matlab hota hai?”Rashami with a stern face replies, “Strong.” to which Sana says, “Strong toh tuh hai.” And Rashami immediately points at her head and says, “Yahaan se bhi bahot strong hun. Varna abhi tak tikti nahi main.” to which Sana agrees

Don’t we all agree with Rashami, Bigg Boss house is all about the sustenance of your mental health.

Rashami further screams and says, “Kaun hoon main? Solid woman. Ab mujhe apne liye yeh hi sunnah hain.” Shenaaz mumbles and says, “Aur main?” to which Rashami says, “You are very cute and entertaining and a happy space.” She further says, “Happy Singh hain tuh. Tera naam aate hi log hasne lagte hain. Muh par smile aati hain.” Sana blushes and says, “Khaa kasam?”

Rashamai further says, “Koi bhi sad ho na toh tuh hasa sakti hain. It’s a talent. Tuh apne aap ko bhi bahot acche se sambhaal leti hain. But I am proud of you.” Rashami further expresses how Sana’s dad has the same opinion about her to which Sana further adds what her dad says, “Trophy ke bahot nazdeek hain tuh.”

It’s so cute that Rashami and Sana indulge in such a heartfelt conversation other than the usual fights and chaos in the house. Watch this and more on Voot’s exclusive Bigg Boss S13’s Unseen Undekha.

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