Mahir Pandhi the talented and dashing actor who plays the lead role of Rajveer in Colors’ Choti Sarrdaarni has had a satisfying journey with the show!! He entered the show as the new lead when the generation leap took place. Replacing a persona like Avinesh Rekhi and the character he played of Sarabjeet Singh Gill was not an easy job, but Mahir has cast his own unique spell into the character of Rajveer.

Says Mahir, “It’s been amazing. There is a very loyal and accepting fan base that Choti Sarrdaarni has. Obviously, many people were not ready to accept anything beyond the Sarab-Meher love story. But with time, people have started to accept us. They have shown us love. Even on social media, I get a direct response from fans; it is such a blessing.”

“The whole team of Choti Sarrdaarni works really hard. All of them are very much motivated to get the show working again. Their goal is to take it to the top again. When you have so much passion riding in our favour, we have to do well. The show is rating well. The drama points are really interesting. There is a big track planned for Rajveer and Seher. Let’s see,” he adds.

Talking about Rajveer and the graph he has had, Mahir explains, “Rajveer’s journey has been linked to so many emotions. You will see a lot of newer emotions too flowing in him in the future. You have seen him as the happy-go-lucky guy, he has been the lover boy, then came the heartbreak, he took the blame of Kunal’s death on him. You are seeing another new shade of Rajveer now.”

“Rajveer has been a very innocent guy. But now, life has taught him a lot of things. With a rift happening between Seher and Rajveer, he rides on a huge guilt factor. He is going through a lot of emotions,” Mahir adds.

Mahir has a great company with Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia in this new journey. “For every actor, the first role he plays is always close to the heart. Nimrit has played Meher for over two years. Becoming Seher was more organic for her, as it is her age group. But getting into a new zone was indeed difficult for her. The expectations were on a different level for her. There might have been many who had said that she was taking a big risk. But she has done well and is coming up with flying colours. I am blessed to have a co-actor like Nimrit. With God’s grace, I am working with beautiful people.”

Talking about himself, Mahir exclaims, “I have done web shows, I have done a feature film. But till the time you do not deliver a hit show, people do not recognize you. Post pandemic, when I got a chance to play the lead in Choti Sarrdaarni, I was happy. My family always followed Choti Sarrdaarni. Hence the excitement was more. Sarab’s fan following was massive. When I got to know I had to replace him, it was a big task. Sarab and Rajveer are very different characters. Sarab was already a father. Rajveer is a young man. For people following Choti Sarrdaarni, this new track was a different thing to digest. Above all, I had to do a lot of work to get into the role. I had mostly done web shows. On TV, the work pattern is very different. Rajveer has had shades and has evolved with time. Now, Rajveer has become a part of my life. He has gotten too close to my heart.”

“I am someone who does not pay much of expectations on what I do. I work on myself to get better. I learn a lot from experienced actors like Vibha Chibber Ma’am daily. There is Anita Ma’am too. No class book can teach you what they teach. I believe for every actor, you need to go through the ups and downs of life,” avers the stunning looking actor.

Keep the good work going, Mahir!!