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Randeep Rai is a chocolate boy of television and women can’t help but fall head over heels over this Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai actor.

All the reasons why we LOVE Randeep Rai

Yeh Un DinonKi Baat Hai is one of the most loved shows on television at present and one of reasons why it is so well received is because of Randeep Rai aka Sameer! This amazing actor, who has totally gone in to the depth of understanding cinema of the 90s and portrayed his character of Sameer, has won hearts and millions of fans.

Randeep Rai is a very humble, gentle and well mannered person in both, reel and real life. His female following can’t seem to get enough of this modern yet our very own chocolate boy. His style sense is absolutely perfect. Randeep’s fashion sense may give you some tips and tricks to look stylish and cool at the same time.
All the reasons why we LOVE Randeep Rai
If you’re looking for a style icon to get great wardrobe ideas from then Randeep Rai is the perfect guy to idolise! Randeep has been doing a great job, definitely winning our hearts with his charming looks, perfectly innocent chemistry with his co-star Ashi Singh.

In an interview, the actor admitted that he is not a flirty guy and is still awaits his “true love” to arrive. Refreshing to see a one woman man in the era of digital love, isn’t it?

Randeep is a die hard fan of Salman Khan and said, “You guessed it right! Not just me, even my character Sameer is inspired by Sal-man-ia. Because Sameer’s expressions, swagger style and hair-styles have a hang-over influence of ‘Prem’(Salman) of the 90’s.” The 90s era, our heart throb Salman and the non-digital romance of that era, Randeep Rai has brought all of this back in our lives with his stellar performance in Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai and we can’t help but love him for it.

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